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Safety / Protective Gloves

Leather gloves are best for protection from rough objects, sparks, heat and for cushioning from blows in heavy duty work requirements. All kinds of leather provide comfort, durability, dexterity, and mild heat resistance and abrasion protection. These advantages make leather a traditional favorite for industrial workers.


Heat / Flame Resistant:


Forte Gloves heat/flame resistant line offers the ideal choice when protection from heat/flame is a concern. For industries including tyre manufacturing, plastics extrusion, steel mills, foundries, metal industries, law enforcement and rescue services ; Forte Gloves has a glove that will meet your specifications.


Cut / Puncture Resistant:


Cut/Puncture resistance is a function of a glove’s material composition and thickness. Increased cut protection can be achieved with:

• Use of high performance materials such as Spectra®, Kevlar®, HTP/UMWP, etc.

• Use of composite yarns made with varying combinations of Steel and Fiberglass to form high performance yarns.


Cut/Puncture resistant gloves come in various fabrics offering different levels of cut resistance. It is important to consider the requirements of a particular application when choosing a glove material.

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