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Forte Glove manufacture various categories of Safety Gloves & Accessories.

We operate tanning units & multiple stitching facilities scattered strategically across Sialkot-Pakistan, the home for low cost and skilled workforce in South Asia.

We manufacture safety / industrial gloves in required; abrasion, cut, tear, puncture and thermal resistance. 

Technical Leathers we produce are; water resistant leather, oil grease repellent leather, fire heat retardant leather, chrome free leather, digital leather, etc. Offering in sheepgoat, cowhide and split leathers.

Advanced Fabrics we use are; Kevlar®, Nomex®, Spectra®, Dyneema®Thinsulate®, Zeromelts®, Porelle®, PBI®, Elephant Sharkskin®, etc.

Our range covers all sorts of designs like welder gloves, driver gloves, rigger gloves, mechanic gloves and accessories, etc.

We do an extensive range of gloves for the fire fighters, search & rescue operatives and military & law enforcement.

We produce in compliance to CE EN ISO 21420 / 388 / 407 / 12477AB / 659 / 511, etc.

All our chemical standards comply with the EU norms; we have in place stringent control on; PCP, AZO, Chrome VI and Formaldehyde, as well as the SVHC listed by R.E.A.C.H.

For more than 40 years we have been consistently delivering quality to our customers, meeting and surpassing their expectations.

Forte Gloves is a concern of Billoo Trading Corp. (est. 1979)

ISO 9001:2015

NTN: 2837382-7

Export Registration: W/019304

STRN: 0905950611373
















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